Flip-flop weather and your war with obtaining the perfect tan is over and unfortunately, so is the summer season. The beauty of clear summer days may be history, but there is still a beauty to be observed with cool, autumn weather. Fall foliage in Boston is probably one of the best places to start on the North East coast to “fall for Fall.” Not only are the temperatures changing, but so are the colors of nature. Lift up your moody, summer blues and take a drive to Boston and find some of the best places to observe fall foliage.


Beacon Hill, Boston

Take a lovely stroll through this historical Boston neighborhood and observe some of the beautiful autumn transformation along old architecture. It is the most desirable and expensive area to reside in and anyone can see why. The lovely colors contrasts against the gray cobblestone streets which provide perfect photo opportunities.


West End, Boston


Any neighborhood along the waterfront means having lucky residents who get a picturesque view when they rise every morning. If you are standing on the opposite side of the Charles River; near the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, you get a panoramic view of the city of Boston.
Boston Common


Otherwise known as the central public park in Boston, you can easily find yourself going camera happy at this location. This historical place is so popular, it is currently where protestors are holding a rally called “Occupy Boston;” similar to protests in New York City. Observe the changing colors along with the changing moods of Bostonians; perhaps they will join you on your tranquil journey to observe nature.


Any Random Street in Boston


Take a look everywhere in the city of Boston and you’ll see colors changing right before your eyes. (Well, not literally!) This walkable city is the perfectly balanced destination; a busy city with plenty of entertainment, yet lots of peaceful retreats close by. The fall colors light up the dreary fall weather and should leave no excuse for not planning flights to Boston, a quaint Northeastern capital city.


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