Relatives and friends await disembarking passengers



Passengers have finally begun to step off of the disabled cruise ship Carnival Splendor, which has arrived in the San Diego Harbor. The disembarking process could take a while.


“Thank you for your understanding and we hope you come back real soon, “a voice said over the ship’s loud speaker, so loud it could be heard from the shore. The passengers are eager to get off of the boat and hungry too after spending four days on the sea.


CNN was interviewing relatives of members of the ship and spoke to an Arizona man waiting for his wife and daughter. The man said the conditions were especially uncomfortable for those in the inner cabins who didn’t have the luxury of natural light coming through windows.


With around 3,200 passengers a large crowd of waiting relatives and friends packed the dock area along with news media and curious onlookers.


While two ambulances pulled up near the ship, there were no reports of injuries and the vehicles were said to be a precaution.


Source: Los Angeles Times

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