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Up for a party in London? Forget the West End unless you want overpriced drinks and a clientele of other tourists. And the scene’s moved on from Shoreditch, too. Here are five places to party it up with the locals.


Liverpool Street

Liverpool Street, London, England

For years, Shoreditch has been the to go place for London’s too cool for school crowd, but now the area around Liverpool Street – the station nearest the area – is really taking off. The Andaz hotel is, despite being part of a chain (Hyatt) one of the trendier places to party, while down the road is the Houndsditch outlet of the trendy Shoreditch T Bar, and just opposite the Andaz, in an abandoned churchyard, is one of London’s most unusual venues – the Bath House (pictured), a bar in an old set of Turkish baths.

Sloane Square

Sloane Square, London, England

Yes, it’s one of the posher parts of London, but Sloane Square still retains more of a local feel than, say, Notting Hill (ruined since the film of the same name). If you want to see the titled gentry and their hangers on, head to Kitts nightclub. It’s like the more famous Boujis, only posher. If you like that kind of thing.

Old Street

Old Street, London, England

On the edge of Shoreditch, Old Street’s a friendlier vibe than the ultra cool spots. Bars aplenty line Tabernacle Street (pictured) and although it’s tricky to reach by public transport (you’ll find it on the Northern Line), it’s more than worth it.


Camden, London, England

Camden’s reputation as being ‘alternative’ London is completely deserved, but it’s not all about the crusties. Ignore the tattoos and, um, interesting hairstyles and you’ll find some deservedly trendy bars and pubs – like restaurant-bar Gilgamesh, and the ever popular Hawley Arms (AKA Amy Winehouse’s local).


City of London

City of London

The City’s not for everyone. Its character comes from chain bars, and its characters from suited city boys drinking off the day’s stress. But the City at night can be a fascinating place. Try any of the bars around the Bank of England area to see the city boys, or for a more relaxed atmosphere, go for a pub like Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese on Fleet Street.

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Images: The Bath House, Flickr Ewan M and wikimedia


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