Parisian Souvenirs for All. Photo Credit: wlappe
Just like you would in any other city, souvenir shopping is usually high on your list when vacationing. Luckily, you've got plenty to spend since you purchased a cheap ticket to Paris, which means you can truly shop till you drop. Paris is filled with heavenly delights that can fill any room with the quintessential Parisian experience. Don't get stuck at the typical souvenir shops, though – head into town and find something special from Paris with love!
For Everyone: The Eiffel Tower
Face it, you cannot help but admire the simple beauty of this iron frame building. Gracing the skyline of Paris since the late 19th century, this structure – which stands over 1,000 ft tall – is timeless. You can opt for the cheap Parisian keychain for a few Euros, or you can bring the love of the Eiffel Tower straight from Paris. Look for jewelry shops in town that make their own Eiffel Tower replicas on its own or fashioned in a necklace or earrings. It will cost a bit more, but it will actually be made in France.
For the Food Lover: Fleur de Sel
Foodies will find themselves in heaven when in Paris. This culinary capital is famous for dishes like escargot and coq au vin. While you can't take these dishes home, you can obviously take part in the art of French cooking at home. You'll find Fleur de Sel in dozens of flavors from lavender to orange and even mint. This sea salt is found off the coast of Brittany and sold in everywhere in Paris. Even though Fleur de Sel is rare and shouldn't really be used to flavor any seasoning, it can be used for special occasions and dishes or just right over a dish for appearance and texture.
For the Romantic: Painting or Photograph of Paris
A trip to Paris is like visiting an outdoor museum. Everywhere you go, you can find examples of historical, modern or off the beaten path art. This beautiful city is filled with classic cobblestone streets, extraordinary architectural wonders and even quirky graffiti if you really visit the outskirts. No matter how you view Paris and what you love about it, you can easily capture it in a photograph or a painting. You can go high end and purchase professional replicas of famous works or sites. Budget shoppers might consider buying local art from artists painting on the streets for a cheap, yet personal souvenir.
For the Beauty Expert: Fragonard Perfume Products
When you think about Paris, what comes to mind if you’re a lady? Of course, beauty products, famous designers and luxurious perfumes to be exact. While we are familiar with brands like Chanel, Bourjois and Yves Saint Laurent, why not search for lesser known brands that are loved by Parisians? Frangond Parfumerie has been dedicated to the magic of perfume since the early 20th century. Their specialty are blends of lovely fragrances naturally made and blended. And who doesn't love the French names of these scents like "Belle de nuit" and "Emilie"? You can also shop for cosmetics and fancy bath soaps.
For the Odd Ball: Anything from a Parisian flea market
If souvenir shopping isn't really your thing or you want to buy something completely random, have no fear – you always have flea markets! This unique place is home to Parisian "junk" that can be hidden treasures. The “Marché aux puces" or flea market's date to the late 1800s and attract 11 million visitors annually in modern days. You don't have to look for anything particular; just walking around the markets are fun in itself. Just imagine the oddball knickknacks you may find from old records to maps or prized antiques.
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Photo Credit: wlappe 

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