An all-electric car sharing program has launched in Paris



Paris is testing out a unique all-electric car sharing program based loosely on the City of Light’s already hugely popular bicycle-sharing program.


The Autolib service will allow travelers to pick up and return electric cars at one of 100 stations located throughout Paris.


The service is being tested out over the next two months with about 60 electric vehicles currently in rotation. If all goes according to plan, the fleet will be upgraded to nearly 2,000 cars by next year.


The service will be aimed at travelers who need a car last minute. It will cost between four and eight euros to rent a car for up to an hour on top of a 10 euro membership fee.


Similar services like Zip Car are already popular in major US cities. However, the Paris service will offer a uniquely green approach by renting only fully electric vehicles.


Source: Tech News Daily

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