Paris for the Single Traveler

View of the Louvre!


Paris has a grand reputation as the City of Love, but it doesn’t mean that you need to be in love to enjoy the city. It is also the city of culture, cuisine and good ‘ole fun. All you need is a point in the right direction and some joie de vivre to delve into Paris and everything it has to offer for the single traveler.

Find a Place to Stay

The best part about traveling solo is not having to worry about making compromises about where to stay. The worst part about traveling solo is not having company in your hotel/hostel. If you prefer to be around other travelers, consider staying in a hostel that fits your needs: not all hostels are for the 20-somethings. Or, if you prefer some alone time, pamper yourself in a boutique hotel where you can get some serious R&R time. Make sure you’re by a Metro station, so it’s super convenient for you to get around.

Enjoy the Cuisine: Eat French Bread

Your mouth is watering just thinking about a warm, tender and savory piece of French bread. Some travel to Paris simply for the experience of spending their entire trip eating just French bread and wine. Whether you choose to dine on that only or other French dishes, bread is a staple and it shouldn’t be missed! Try visiting Poilane Bakery, the most well-known bakery for 70 years. They serve enough bread in a day that equals to 2% of the French bread consumed in Paris. Bon appetite!

Be Open Minded: Go on a Guided Tour

While you can always go on your own self-guided tour, you may consider a guided tour while traveling in Paris. The city itself can be overwhelming, especially for a first time solo traveler. Nonetheless, it welcomes the opportunity to interact with other travelers vacationing, so you won’t always have to be hanging around yourself all the time. There are many kinds of sightseeing tours from “Best of” tours, to fashion tours and of course, culinary tours. Especially consider a tour for attractions you may be too shy to see on your own, like the Eiffel Tower where someone can snap your photograph for you.

Welcome the atmosphere: Go Museum Hopping

Paris has been the center of art and culture for centuries, but today, houses some of the most prolific artworks and rich collections. Going to a museum solo is no problem, it is often a better idea, since you’ll get to see the pieces you’d prefer. And Paris is home to many museums, from The Louvre, The Musee d’ Orsay, and the Rodin Museum. You can get your fill of art and culture and understand the importance of the two in Paris.

Just Be Parisian

The essence of Parisian culture is joie de vivre or the joy of life. It is about enjoying French bread, meeting other travelers, enjoying fine culture and art and simply enjoying one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Yes, it is also the city of love and romance, but is it not true that you must love yourself before you love another?

Tap into your inner-traveler and book a flight to Paris today!

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