View from a Tuk Tuk (CC Flickr photo credit: Martin Garrido)

Tuk-Tuks take on Paris

And you thought taking a Parisian Segway Tour was sophistiqué? Enjoying croissants en route, it looks like Parisian have injected some much needed va-va-voom back into their daily lives.

Paris has found a new best friend in form of a fleet of ‘Tuk-Tuk’ taxis that now roam the cobbled rues of the French capital.

A fixed route system with 150 stations, tourists or locals can jump onboard this free taxi service that follows the same route as the city’s bus network. Why not explore the city Asian-style and catch a Tuk-Tuk while the program is tested first in Paris?

Fresh from China, the motor powered taxis brought to Paris by entrepreneur Kheir Mazri, will soon sell teas, popcorn and pastries to passengers. The savvy businessman sells advertising space on the Tuk-Tuks to fund the project and hopes to expand the service nationally and perhaps internationally.

Mazri told Reuters, “We started two days ago. People couldn’t believe their eyes at first.”

So perhaps it’s time to find cheap flights to Paris and catch a ride for yourself?

Source: Reuters

CC Flickr photo credit: Martin Garrido

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