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Packing Tips for a Visit to Costa Rica. Photo credit: Maladjets
In a few weeks I’ll take my first trip to;Costa Rica, and I’m very excited about the prospect of visiting a country known for its commitment to ecological living and flora and fauna preservation. Here are some items I plan on packing for my trip.

Warm Clothing
Costa Rica has several varied terrains, and the volcanoes can range up to 3,432 meters (over 10,000 feet). So naturally, warm clothing comes into play. The idea is to wear comfortable cotton layers and also pack a couple of fleece or even cashmere sweaters to weather topographical changes.

Walking / Hiking Shoes
Visits to coffee plantations and exploration of beaches and mountains all call for one thing: better footwear. Of late I’ve been into walking shoes by Merrell, as well as sporting my Nike shoes. This is not the time to slip into your Vibram Five Fingers and hope you can trek up a mountain: Costa Rica means serious shoes. Merrell Footwear has classy casual shoes that are affordable as well. 

Audubon App
If you have the chance to use your phone (roaming or Wi-Fi), make sure you download the Audubon App especially if you’re a bird lover. The Audubon app helps you identify all the beautiful bird sounds you’ll encounter throughout your journey either in Corcovado or elsewhere and is always a good thing to have on ecological adventures.

Definitely, my DSLR camera will accompany me to Costa Rica, and if you’re not a DSLR kind of person, a powerful (and quick) camera like the Canon PowerShot will do fine. Remember to set the shutter speed in the “sports” settings if you’re planning on taking pictures of wildlife because they disappear quickly! 

The glasses that I’m taking with me block UVA and UVB rays because Costa Rica is closer to the equator than the U.S. While polarized sunglasses are a nice to have, polarity has nothing to do with UV protection (they prevent glare). Generally now most sunglasses (decent ones, not the five and dime store kind) are polarized anyway. 
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Photo credit: maladjets 

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