Packing for a Long Weekend in London

If you have been following the CheapOair blog all month, then you are probably well aware by now that we have a little contest starting today through Friday.


Throughout January our rogue and trouble making staff of travel experts have provided you with plenty of helpful tips, ideas and basic facts about England’s capital in order to prepare you for a possible “Long Weekend in London.”


Now all you have to do to win that great prize is answer the question of the day between 8am ET & 6pm ET. Here’s a hint, the question will always be placed in a London related article written by yours truly.


Don’t be nervous, as there are no right or wrong answers…but a few rules to follow when answering.


1.) Please leave your name, email address and if possible twitter name with each comment (how else are we going to tell you that you’re the big winner?).


2.) You can only answer each question once. It is pretty easy to spot a spammer and we can check IP addresses.


So starting today and running through Friday, two random entrants will be
chosen daily from the question of the day. Those ten entrants will then
be entered into a drawing on Tuesday February 2, where the grand prize winner will receive a trip for two to London, with round-trip airfare courtesy of
CheapOair, three-nights at the base2stay hotel and even two Visitor
Oyster Cards thanks to our good friends at VisitBritain.


There is no limit to the amount of times you can be entered into the final drawing. So you could get chosen for more than one day and have more than one shot at winning the prize (sweet!). So keep enterting each day of the week to increase your chances at winning a trip across the pond. Each day’s two entrants will be announced the following day in a London related post again written by yours truly.


I am pretty much set for my trip long weekend in London. I leave tomorrow and will have daily updates while on the road. My itinerary has been fully planned (plenty of pubs on that list), tickets (both rail & air) have been purchased and all my clothes have been picked out and stuffed into my suitcase (I’ll iron when I get there).


But besides the usual items one would expect to carry along with them on a trip, there are some other “musts” that always have to be placed in my carry-on and checked baggage. I tend to travel with an unhealthy amount of electronics. From my digital camera to my iPhone to my laptop and all those wires and chargers that come along with them, my luggage usually looks as if I just robbed a Best Buy.


These items, while not necessities for everyone, are in fact very important when I travel. Which brings me to the first “Long Weekend in London” question (it is two parts).


Besides the typical items like a toothbrush, clothing and wallet, what is the one item that you absolutely MUST travel with when going on a trip? Why is this item so important to you when traveling? (Note: It does not have to be electronics).


Leave your comment below and good luck!

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