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It’s the festive season, where a number of holiday parties will be generously pouring out the punch. In tribute to this wonderful mixture of alcohol and fruit, we’ve looked at some of the most famous punches around and their countries of origin. If you manage to find cheap airfare to one of these destinations, we’re sure you’ll respond with a hearty “Cheers” as well!

Planter’s Punch – Jamaica

on the beach in negril, jamaica

The home of chilled out vibes, big smiles, and wonderful beaches also gave birth to this fantastically refreshing cocktail that’s actually a rum-based punch. Mix together Jamaican rum, orange juice, pineapple juice, and grenadine for a uniquely Caribbean kick to the senses.

You can enjoy this drink best while lounging on the beach at Seven Mile, a stretch in the coastal town of Negril that’s famous for its clear blue waters and white sandy beaches, laid-back bars and restaurants, and vivacious nightlife. Go ahead, take a few sips while watching the palm trees sway and feeling the salty wind on your face, and you’ll soon be wearing a grin that says “yah maan!”.

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Pimms Cup – United Kingdom

pimms pitchers

Quintessentially British as the tea-time “cuppa”, this favorite English summer-time drink has many variations with the only constant being the use of the famous Pimms liqueur. Experts would argue that the perfect Pimms Cup should have a bit of lemonade, cucumber slices, orange slices, fresh strawberries, and mint, to heighten the flavor of the sweet, gin-infused Pimms.

There’s nothing like enjoying a summer afternoon in Wimbledon while sporting a proper Pimms Cup in hand. While you may or may not be into the tennis that sets the city abuzz during the month of July, you’ll still feel like royalty sprawled out on a picnic mat in Wimbledon Park, imbibing from your plastic cup with aplomb.

Sangria – Spain

drinking sangria in spain

This beverage borrows heavily from its Spanish roots, and is appreciated in roadside cafes, bars, and households throughout the nation. Though there are many regional varieties throughout Spain, the popular punch is traditionally a mix of red wine and chopped fruit, often accentuated by orange juice and brandy, and sometimes given a fizzy bite with sparkling water.

You can sip in style while chilling out in the classically beautiful city of Madrid. Enjoy your first few glasses at the grand central square that is Plaza Mayor and stumble down a few blocks to another famous plaza, the Puerta del Sol, for a second glass.

Bourbon Punch

lexington kentucky

Intimately tied to the American South, especially with the state of Kentucky, this sweet concoction consists of the signature Southern sweet tea, citrus flavors and bourbon whiskey.

Make your way to Lexington, Kentucky, to get a taste of the state’s rich bourbon history. The city is a great cocktail of urban splendor and Southern charm, and is the perfect place to enjoy a Bourbon Punch. Plus, it’s the home of many bourbon trail tours where you can sample various makers of this tenacious spirit to your heart’s content.

Feuerzangenbowle (“Burnt Punch”) – Germany

german punch

This festive season german punch is all about the production. It’s traditionally made in a bowl that consists of heated dry red wine, cinnamon sticks, cloves, star anise and orange peel. But the real star of the recipe is the sugar cone that’s soaked in rum and set alight, slowly dripping its sweet goodness into the bowl, resulting in a warm, sweet treat that Germans enjoy with family and friends over the holidays.

Head on over to German capital of Berlin, where you can get lost in the lively, and very large, Christmas marketplace that’s called WeihnachtsZauber. You can enjoy your feuerzangenbowle with plenty of other festive delights in the hundreds of stalls that sprawl the market, including sausages, crepes, pancakes, and potato fritters slathered in applesauce.

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Bajan Rum Punch – Barbados

bottom bay

One of the oldest rum punches in the world, this beverage is a mix of lime juice, syrup, rum, and Angostura bitters and nutmeg.

Lay back and enjoy the sunshine on the beach at Bottom Bay, one of the most beautiful beach stretches on the island. In case you get inspired by your Bajan Rum Punch to get more adventurous, there’s always the chance to splash about the shallow waters in total safety.

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