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Rhine Valley!


Welcome to Frankfurt: The business and financial center of Germany. While it may have an image of being all work, the Franks sure know how to play. This large and versatile city offers the comforts of Old Europe against a modern skyline. Also, with its prime location, you can enjoy hot summers and cooler winters. It’s a great destination to book discount airfare visit as your gateway to Europe. Besides enjoying the obvious local attractions, take a closer look as to why you should visit Frankfurt.

Are you into wellness and the overall “Ahhh” experience? Get out of the city and head to the outskirts of the Frankfurt region for some “you” time at one of the spa towns. Yes, this area is famous for spa towns filled with health sanatoriums, spas and romantic villages to explore along the way. One of the oldest historic spa towns is Wiesbaden, loved and enjoyed even by the Romans. Unwind and relax at the Kaiser-Fredrich Therme in the city center with saunas, baths and luxury treatments that even Caesar would approve.

Ebbelwine Express Bus: The best way to explore Frankfurt’s old city center is on foot; you can observe its most famous sites all within walking distance. The most fun way to explore the city is on the Ebbelwine Express. Named after the traditional Frankfurt drink Apfelwein- or Apple Wine/Cider, this bus is a city tour that combines exploring with leisure drinks. You’ll ride a quirky colored tram and explore the city for an hour and your ticket will include a glass of cider. (Non-alcoholic drinks can be substituted as well)

If you’re didn’t know, the Rhine area of Germany is probably one of the most scenic places to visit in Germany. Hiking along the Rhinsteig will make you appreciate the picturesque views that are so close to Frankfurt. The route can be enjoyed leisurely, or can be modified for adventurous hikers that love a challenge. No matter how you decide to explore it, you’ll be amazed at the views and historic sites along the way. And after a long hike, complete your trip through the Rhine with a river cruise or a wine tasting in this famous region known for both.

Nightlife: If you’re looking for a party in Frankfurt, you’ll be more than impressed with the selection of nightlife options in this versatile city. There’s something for every kind of party animal, whether you enjoy student parties or would love to splurge on a cocktail with a view. Some of the best clubs include King Kamehameha for a little bit of everything and Cocoon for Electronic Dance Music. Get your typical beer garden experiences at Drosselbart- serving great pilsner since 1900. Go beyond the club experience to the American-style piano bar: Jimmy’s Bar, which is located at the Hessischer Hof Hotel. Go back in time for after-hour drinks in this lovely grown up bar.

Grimm Fairy Tour:
Once Upon a Time, the Brothers Grimm created stories that lasted a lifetime and were enjoyed around the world. Germany is the country for these famous fairy tales and just imagine channeling your inner child to follow the places that inspired these very stories. Take a scenic drive through Germany on the Fairy Tale Route that brings stories like “Sleeping Beauty,”  “Little Red Riding Hood” and many more to life. Just imagine the romantic castles, dark forests and old villages you imagined as a child. Highlights of the tour take you through the Rhine area, starting in Hanau, located east of Frankfurt.

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photo: michaelclarke

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