Hot-Balloon (CC Flickr photo credit: fdecomite)

The “Bentley of hot-air balloons” can hold 24 passengers

Travelers arriving on flights to Orlando have no shortage of family-friendly options to choose from. Brimming with theme parks, the city pretty much has the market cornered when it comes to family fun.


However, a new Orlando attraction is beginning to turn some heads. Sine mid-December, Orlando Balloon Rides has offered brave souls the ride of their lives in what it is calling the country’s largest hot-air balloon.


Measuring 11 stories in height and more than 90 feet in width, the massive balloon carries up to 24 passengers in an oversized gondola made from a blend of stainless steel and wicker. The company’s CEO lovingly refers to the contraption as the “Bentley of Hot-Air Balloons.”


Each ride offers a unique four-hour experience which includes a champagne breakfast and about an hour of total flying time.


Just like a real Bentley, the ride doesn’t come cheap. A one person ticket will set you back $175, according to USA Today. However, the publication notes that several discount coupons can be found online.


CC Flickr photo credit: fdecomite

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