For Oprah’s 25th and final season premier that aired on Monday, the outrageously successful talk-show host elated her audience with the announcement of a very special trip.


The crowd, made up of about 300 people, was told it would be flying to the other side of the world, and with that, Oprah yelled in excitement “We’re going to Australia!” Her fans cried and screamed as they jumped off of the studio ground in happiness and surprise, confetti pouring down on them in celebration.


Now, if that wasn’t enough, the lucky travelers had yet another surprise. Who will be flying the lucky crew? None other but the hip-shakin’- T-bird himself, John Travolta.


John joined Oprah on the stage, as did Don Johnson and Paul Simon.


The crowd was beyond thrilled, as you can probably imagine.


Source: USA TODAY 



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