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Have flights to New York City or another major city, even a minor city and want to figure out which restaurants are the favorites of foodies?
OpenTable, the online and mobile-app restaurant reservation service, has published its Diners Choice Awards of the top 50 U.S. restaurants which are “fit for foodies.”
The company sifted through 10 million reviews of 12,000 U.S. restaurants submitted by OpenTable users from September 2010 to August 2011 to come up with its top 50.
The restaurants ranged from organic restaurant Abbattoire in Atlanta to barbecue eaterie, Wexler’s in San Francisco with 48 others in between.
OpenTable didn’t rank the 50, but listed them in alphabetical order here.
The pecking order among the cities amounted to 13 of the top 50 in the San Francisco Bay Area, six in Chicago, five each in New York City and the greater Boston area, and four in the Twin Cities.
OpenTable argues that its list is unbiased and reliable because only guests with seated reservations are allowed to submit reviews and because the large number of reviews work against any fraudulent manipulation.
Thus, if you take a look at the OpenTable listing for Cascina Spinasse, an Italian restaurant in Seattle which was among the top 50, there are 253 dining reviews to consider.
OpenTable offers several online tools to soothe your inner foodie.
Among them are monthly top restaurant lists in your area and, of course, if you want to digest a panoramic vista with your meal, OpenTable also has compiled its top 50 U.S. restaurants with scenic views.

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