A new Rick's Cabaret, which is a chain of upscale gentlemen's clubs, will soon be opening next to Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport and plenty of Texans are not happy about the new neighbors moving in.

Local officials, residents and even airlines are attempting to shut down the club, which is located neat the South entrance of DFW, before it even opens to the public. Thursday in Dallas, members of the airport's board met with club protesters, which included American Airlines executives.

So what's all the hub bub with the club? The main concern is that it is the first thing you see when entering or departing from the airport. The club is scheduled to open in a few weeks and promises to make the airport "sexier" according to the owners.

The club is situated between American Airline's corporate HQ and the bustling airport. American commenting on the club's opening in a statement by saying, "It’s not something that you want to see in your area in your
neighborhood certainly don’t want to see it at the entrance to DFW."

Another concern is that the club will have a liquor license, which could lead to alcohol-related traffic accidents and crime. If the club does not get approval for the liquor license, it has the option to go the route of "Bring Your Own Beer" and allow dancers to be fully nude. 

Rick's Cabaret owner Eric Langan does not understand the controversy over the opening. He said the city of Fort Worth accepted all of their plans and paperwork months ago and they full intend to open on January 20. 

A Fort Worth City Hall protest hearing is being scheduled for February to discuss the controversial club opening.

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