Qantas has grounded 6 of its A380s for inspection


According to Europe’s air safety regulator, an oil fire may have caused an engine turbine failure on a Qantas superjumbo. The air safety regulator issued an emergency order on Thursday requiring airlines to re-examine that type of Rolls-Royce engine and keep any planes with suspicious leaks grounded.


The order by the European Aviation Safety Authority backed earlier signs from investigators that they suspect a turbine disc was the cause of last week’s engine failure on the Airbus A380, but was the first authorized mention of an oil fire preceding the engine’s collapse.


The A380 engine failure shortly after takeoff from Singapore on November 4th has inspired concerns over the safety of the superjumbo. Qantas said this week it discovered small oil leaks on Rolls- Royce Trent 900 engines on three of its other Airbus A380s during tests after the November 4th incident. 


The airline is keeping 6 grounded for further inspection.


Source: msnbc

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