Witnesses report seeing stones fall at Rome's ancient Colosseum (CC Flickr photo credit: dungodung)
Witnesses report seeing stones fall at Rome’s ancient Colosseum


Italian officials are investigating reports of falling stones at Rome’s famed Colosseum. Several witnesses Tuesday said they saw large chunks of rock falling from the structure’s iconic arches, according to a FOX News report.


This is not the first time reports of a crumbling Collosseum have surfaced. Similar sightings were also reported back in 2010. Officials blamed pollution and vibrations from nearby cars and subways for the damage.


More than 6 million visitors arriving on flights to Rome visit the Colosseum each year. The 2,000-year-old structure is set to undergo a $33 million restoration beginning in March.


The improvements will reportedly increase the areas tourists can access by up to one quarter.


CC Flickr photo credit: dungodung

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