Inside the Abita Brewery

It comes as no surprise that the Big Easy is one of the biggest destinations in America. There's nothing glitzy about it, but more and more people continue to book flights to New Orleans and visit every year and the city wasn't about to let Hurricane Katrina or an oil spill stop them. The city has a culture that you just can't experience elsewhere. How many other destinations can you just be walking through town and see a parade going on during the middle of the night? While you may be familiar with some of the major attractions of New Orleans, like the French Quarter, Jackson Square, and the Steamboat Natchez Riverboat, there are some offbeat things to do that you don't want to miss.

Oak Alley Plantation: You've probably seen photos of Oak Alley Plantation if you haven't seen it in movies. Even if plantations aren't exactly your thing, Oak Alley is worth a visit since it's one of the most famous plantations in the U.S. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places; it has been featured in films that have included Primary Colors and Night Rider. No matter what, make sure it's a nice day so you can get photos of the famous alley of oak trees.

Bayou Tour: Just outside of New Orleans you'll find miles of Louisiana’s famous bayous that make it such a unique region of the U.S. While I don't recommend exploring the bayous on your own, there are some great tour companies that offer half-day and full-day tours. On a good day you'll see your fair share of alligators. Make sure you have sunscreen and a good hat with you.

Abita Brewery Tour: Abita Brewery is a little bit further outside of New Orleans, but worth the drive, especially since you can knock out two birds with one stone, as the trip to Abita Springs requires you to drive over Lake Pontchartrain, which is famous since it's the longest continuous bridge over water in the world. Visitors could easily spend an entire day at Abita Brewery, sampling beers and then enjoy food and drinks at the Abita Brew Pub.

National World War II Museum and Swing Dancing Lessons: The National World War II Museum in New Orleans probably doesn't exactly qualify as “offbeat” until you read that it has free swing dancing classes in the summer on Sundays. Classes are only available during a couple months in the summer, so you'll have to plan your trip carefully if you want to take part in swing dancing lessons. Nonetheless, this is one of the most impressive displays of World War II history in the world.

Snoballs: Yes, we're talking about those snoballs you had as a kid at the fair. While snoballs may just be a childhood treat to you, they have a long history in New Orleans. Snoballs have long been a way of keeping cool while also enjoying a sweet treat in the Big Easy. Hansen's Sno-Bliz, for example, has been dishing out snoballs since the 1930s. However, there are multiple other places to find this cool treat in New Orleans.

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