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Boston is a city of true Americana; it’s where most of American history began and developed. You’d think it’s a straight forward kind of Middle Atlantic city that has developed into one of the most historically rich capitals of the world. Apparently, you can find some strange things in this city.

Black Ink: Their slogan is “unexpected necessities” and it couldn’t be truer. Created in the ‘90s, Black Ink opened as a store to sell random oddities. The name derives from loving to stamp things with black ink. Ever wanted to buy astronaut food or bunny cake molds? If you’re a fan of buying eccentric gifts for yourself or others, this is the store you’ll most likely spend hours in. Oh, and apparently there are lots of items made in Sweden- we’re not sure why.

Million Year Picnic: Ever wanted to satisfy the inner geek inside of you? Look no further than Million Year Picnic, home to the comic book fan geeks! The store is jam-packed with classic comic books like DC/Marvel. But, you can also find selections from international comic book shops as well. Just make sure to read your comic when you get home, not on the bus ride home- or you’ll find yourself back at the store sooner than you thought.

Colonian Drug: Some say the scent of a woman is like an intoxicating drug, one a man is hooked on and can’t resist. Perhaps this is how Colonial Drug, a fragrance specialist store got its name. Dare we say it- but this place is better than Sephora when it comes to finding scents. It features hard-to-find fragrances that are either international or perhaps limited editions. Get your entire look together at Colonial Drugs where you can also stock up on soaps and other beauty items.

Boston Neck: If you take a trip down memory lane and remember your history class, you’ll recall that witch trials were held in Massachusetts during the early colonization of America. While Salem is famous for their witch trials, there were also executions in Boston. Boston Neck was named for the place where Anne Hibbons was hung for being a witch in 1656. There’s no special memorial to mark this place, but it’s awesome to know this was a place where history took place.

Profile Rock: Do you believe in strange phenomena? The folks who visit Profile Rock sure do. This 50-foot granite rock formation is apparently an area with a strange number of ghost and UFO sightings. Legend has it that there was a village thief that would steal people’s personal belongings and hide it in a cave near Profile Rock. When this was discovered, the area was destroyed, creating the image profile of a man. If you believe in paranormal activity, just enjoy the scenic area where Profile Rock is located.

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