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Central America is quickly becoming one of the premier destinations to travel to. And why not? Sandy white beaches, warm weather, and plenty of things to do make it a great destination. You’ve probably heard about the beautiful beaches and the tropical things to do, but there’s so much more to Central America than just drinking rum, scuba diving, and laying out on the beach. We’ve put together a few of the best things to do when you travel to Central America that are off the beaten path.

River Safari: Maybe you’ve been on an overland safari, but how about a river safari? This is like no other river safari you’ve been on, as this isn’t just sitting in a boat for the entire day. River safaris in Central America put you up close to monkeys, crocodiles, and other animals you’re not likely to see elsewhere. A river safari through Palo Verde in Costa Rica is one of the most popular boat trips. This trip often has crocodiles swimming alongside the boat and offers opportunities for visitors to feed monkeys.

Hiking: Hiking can be a true adventure in Central America. Many of the best hiking spots aren’t found on maps or in travel guides. There often isn’t trailheads, but it’ll offer sights, such as beautiful cascading waterfalls, that you won’t find on your typical guided hike. Locals are the best people to ask about these kinds of hiking trails, but make sure to plan ahead and not get caught after dark or without proper directions.

Island hopping on Lake Nicaragua: Maybe you’ve heard of island hopping, but I doubt you’ve done any island hopping on a lake. Lake Nicaragua is one of the largest lakes in Central America, featuring small islands that are scattered around. Visitors can take a boat to explore some of the different islands or you can even rent an island for the weekend.

Fiestas: Fiestas are a favorite traditional activity in Central America and you can usually find one taking place every weekend. I went to a couple different fiestas in Costa Rica. These are the U.S. equivalent of a carnival. They can include parades, fresh local Central American cuisine, and a rodeo.

Volcanos: Central America has one of the highest populations of volcanoes in the world, offering endless opportunities of seeing active volcanoes. Arenal in Costa Rica is one of the most significant volcanoes in Central America, largely because it is one of the most active volcanoes in the world. For a closer peak, head to neighboring Nicaragua to Masaya Volcano, which you can actually peer down inside.

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    I highly recommend anyone thinking about an affordable, unique vacation to consider Nicaragua or Costa Rica. As an international Realtor doing business in both countries, I have come to love and enjoy both of these countries. I have travelled to both of these countries at least a dozen times each in the last 2 years. It is amazing how affordable vacations and real estate are in these countries.

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