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If you’ve ever driven (or attempted to drive) Route 66, you’ll know that you get a lot more kicks on the western side than the Chicago stretch.


In fact, trekking down Route 66 through Illinois can be a dismal experience, with no scenery of note, and only the odd kooky diner to remind you that you’re on the Mother Road.


Which is why, if you’ve ever done it, you’ve probably stopped at Lincoln, Illinois and followed the signs to what claims to be “The World’s Largest Covered Wagon”.


And then, once you’ve seen it, you’ve probably been slightly disappointed. Because although, at 24 ft high and 40 ft long, it’s pretty big for a wagon, but not quite the mammoth sight you’d been hoping for. Although the giant (12ft) fiberglass Abraham Lincoln in the driving seat almost certainly makes up for that.

The world’s largest wagon even has a set of rules.

But is it really the biggest in the world? Yes, according to Route 66 News, which says it’s been certified by the Guinness Book of World Records. Constructed by David Bentley, it was paid for by a man called Larry Van Bibber in 2007 in order to attract tourists to Lincoln, and by the looks of things it has – albeit tourists who have a quick look and swiftly get on their way.


Route 66 News also says that Illinois is set to get new, chrome Route 66 signs to go with the wagon. Yet another reason to see the journey through from start to finish. California had better watch its back…


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