Nearly two months since the Deepwater Horizon blew up, causing the most devastating oil spill in U.S. history, President Barack Obama is planning to tour the Gulf Coast for the fourth time.


Upon his return Tuesday, Obama will speak from the Oval Office and address the nation on various television stations. The president is expected to inform the public of his plans to make sure BP compensates each and every person and business affected by the massive oil spill.



News of the president’s trip comes as demands by States along the Gulf of Mexico heat up. Florida, Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi all want BP to provide them with more funds so that they can properly clean up their beaches and assist the tourism and fishing industries which have been crippled due to traveler’s canceling their summer plans.


Florida, which relies heavily on travel to its state, is requesting BP provide them with $2.5 billion in an escrow account to pay for potential losses caused by the spill. The tourism industry has already seen serious damage due to people not risking to take their vacations at beaches covered in oil.


BP said Thursday it would provide Florida, Alabama and Mississippi each with an additional $25 million, matching the $25 million it has already given to the three states in early May. BP also granted $55 million combined to the states to help with tourism marketing.
BP continues to struggle with cleaning up the spill and containing it. The company announced Saturday it had captured a portion of the leak, but would not be able to fully seal it until August.
Has the BP oil spill affected your travel plans? If so, share with us what you plan to do as an alternative this summer?


Source: Associated Press

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