Obamas to visit Gulf Coast

President Obama and the First Lady who have both encouraged tourism in the Gulf Coast area since the detrimental BP oil spill, will now take their family to the region for a weekend vacation next month.


The First Family will travel to Florida on August 14th for what is likely to be a hot and humid visit. There hasn’t been any say of where the Obama’s will be staying just yet.


Just last weekend, Michelle Obama took a trip to Panama City Beach, FL for a day trip. There she encouraged others to visit.


Source:The Washington Post

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  1. Emile and Carol StClair

    We want to thank the First Family for their visit to Panama City Beach, FL this weekend. We are snowbirds and property owners in Panama City Beach. The media has hurt the area with their erroneous view of the disastrous oil spill by saying it has affected all of the panhandle of Florida. Your visit will show that as false. We have personally been affected with the loss of a tenant who worked in the food industry and the sale of a house lot because of the media’s negativity rather than the actual oil spill. Many businesses will be lost. Thank you again for your visit.

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