If you were like most Americans then chances are you enjoyed a long weekend. The same was true for President Barack Obama who just got back from a holiday stay in Oahu, Hawaii. The Obamas make the trek to the Aloha State each year for Christmas, but this time it was via Air Force One.


The President and his family enjoyed some time in a beautiful vacation rental home off the shores of Kailua Bay. Although he was able to get a little downtime with his family, most of the trip was marred by the news of the attempted terror plot Christmas Day by 23-year old Nigerian resident Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab. 


Obama has ordered a full review of the country's terrorist watchlist and of
its air safety regulations. National security has been put on notice keep up the pressure on terrorists aiming to attack the U.S. In a press conference earlier today, Obama stated that Americans would not give into fear, but later added its citizens should be vigilant.


Source & image: CBS News



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