U.S. proposes improved passenger protection rules


The Obama administration is pushing for new stricter consumer laws that would help protect passengers. Under the proposal, airline passengers would receive as much as $1,300, up from the current $800, in the event that they were bumped from a flight and have 24 hours to cancel a reservation without suffering a penalty.


In addition, the new rules would make it mandatory for airlines to clearly disclose the following information to customers:


  • Baggage fee policy
  • Refunds and expense reimbursement for lost or late bags.
  • Note when fees go up.
  • Inform passengers if they need to pay a check bag fee with that particular flight.


Airlines would also have to do away with price increases after a ticket is purchased as well as provide customers with flight-status changes in a timely fashion.The new rules are expected to go into effect this fall.


Source: New York Times

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  1. cerilyc

    The Department of Transportation has begun its open comment period on the proposed regulations through .

    Anyone with comments or concerns they would like to address to the DoT about the proposed changes are encouraged visit the site and post.

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