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Budget carriers could soo make inroads at O'Hare Airport


After extensive negotiations, Delta is primed to hand over control of the L Concourse in O’Hare International’s Terminal 3 to the city of Chicago.


That deal could finally open the door for budget carriers in the nation’s second busiest hub.


The pact would give the city control over five gates which could then be leased out to Virgin America, JetBlue, or European budget airlines eager to make inroads in Chicago.


Virgin America has been trying for nearly three years to enter O’Hare as part of a larger plan to triple the size of its fleet by 2019.


Abby Lunardini, a Virgin America spokeswoman, was optimistic about the new proposal, saying, "We do still hope to bring our low-fare service to O'Hare in 2011, and we're continuing to work with the city toward that goal."


The proposed ordinance is currently awaiting approval from Chicago’s city council.


Source: Chicago Tribune

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  1. Robert

    Give those gates to jetblue Airways and let them expand at Ohare, they are a great airline with outstanding customer Service at Ohare. We would like to see jetblue expand to Florida from Chicago and places like Puerto Rico..

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