Spirit Airlines to charge for carry-on luggage beginning August 1



U.S. Senator Charles Schumer calls the idea of charging passengers for carry-on luggage "a slap in the face to travelers." It was just last week that low-cost carrier Spirit Airlines announced that starting in August they would add a $45 fee for carry-on bags.


Schumer said he plans to introduce legislation to prevent airlines from cashing in on what he calls a "reasonable necessity." The New York Senator added that if the Treasury Department doesn't get the job done, he will simply introduce legislation blocking airlines from charging for bags brought on-board.


Schumer feels that the airline industry has added too many fees and that passengers are "hitting the boiling point." Schumer worries that Spirit's new idea will cause other airlines to follow suite with their own carry-on baggage fees.


What do you think of Spirit Airlines' new carry-on baggage policy? They defend it by saying base fares will be lowered due to the new fee. Would you rather pay a little extra for your ticket and nix the carry-on fee? Leave a comment below.


Source: Reuters

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