A beautiful display of explosive light!


Two minor solar storms that exploded on Sunday are shelling a plethora of plasma straight at our planet. The Northern lights (Aurora Borealis) can be spotted opposite of most of the northern U.S. Astronomers claim this is due to the solar storms that flared on Sunday.


The Northern light is caused when the plasma of the Earth’s magnetic field and its atmosphere meet. Usually, Northern lights appear as vibrant green or red flows of light across the sky. 


An enormous solar outburst will strike the Earth tonight, forcing a geomagnetic storm. It’s possible that satellites will be damaged, but the site will be well worth it.
The solar flare will be visible in the northern hemisphere and states like Montana, Oregon, North Dakota, and so on.


The explosion should arrive early August 4th, and is the first major eruption led to Earth in a long time.


Source: Today24News

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