Nokoia Lumia 1020: Powerful Camera Phone Review. Photo credit; Katie Bodell
I am the proud owner of an awesome DSLR camera that takes pretty amazing pictures. I will admit that I know very little about the full potential and capabilities of this DSLR; I tend to shoot in auto mode. With this camera on my hip, even in automatic mode, I can score some drool worthy photos of my kids and our travels with this amazing camera.

There is one problem with my luxury DSLR: I have to carry it. It is heavy, and large, and cumbersome when coupled with three small children, bags full of snacks, luggage, and a diaper bag, and sometimes I actually choose to leave it at home. On my regular adventures, and especially when traveling by air, I typically just snap pictures of my family using my 5 megapixel camera phone. Although it doesn't take the best pictures, and certainly it has a hard time with printing anything larger than a 4×6, it is just simple to bring along. Sadly, I have often arrived home from fabulous getaways, family vacations, trips to the park, and sports events less than satisfied with my phone’s ability to truly capture the moment.

I had the great opportunity to review the brand new Nokia Lumia 1020 camera phone this past month and was blown away by the images produced on this little camera. 

 The camera shoots with an astounding 41 megapixels!!  Just for your reference, the average DSLR camera boasts 20 megapixels. The zoom on the camera is simply amazing. You just can't find this in any other product on the market. You can choose the focal point and even manually focus on objects mere inches from the lens. All the regular DSLR settings are a tap away, including changing the white balance, shutter speed, ISO, focus, and more. Because the camera doubles as your regular cell phone, it is light and easy to carry. There is no need for you to pack extra lenses, gadgets, or additional chargers. Sending your images to your favorite social networking sites while traveling is easy on AT&T's 4G or WiFi service. Smaller (but still phenominal) 5 megapixel images are stored automatically with your detailed 41 megapixel versions, making it a snap to share images without using mass amounts of data.
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Please note: I received a complimentary Nokia Lumia 1020. All opinions are my own. 
Photo credit: Katie Bodell;

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