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No Downtime Required: New Nonstop Fares from San Diego to Los Cabos, Mexico

Spirit Going Direct!


Los Cabos , Mexico now has another nonstop service from San Diego, and this time with Spirit Airlines. The service between Lindbergh and Los Cabos, Mexico, will start in November. Los Cabos serves two cities: Cabo San Lucas and San Jose Del Cabo.

Other major cities in California including Los Angeles and San Francisco have nonstop flights to Los Cabos, but San Diego’s latest addition signals that it is a growing market. The new Los Cabos flights from San Diego depart California in the morning, and return in the afternoon.

Pricewise, it makes sense to depart from San Diego to Los Cabos because fares to Los Cabos are almost a fourth of what it costs to go there from the east coast. Furthermore, most flights from the east coast have at least one scheduled stop before departing to Mexico.  The bright side is that Aeromexico has direct flights to Mexico City from the East Coast, and then a flight from Mexico City to San Jose Del Cabo, so it is possible to visit without spending too much time in transit. Travel tip: the sea temperature of San Jose del Cabo is much warmer than that of Cabo San Lucas because the latter is much more exposed to the cold waters of the California current.

San Jose Del Cabo, located in South Baja Peninsula, was useful to the Spanish as a source of drinking water as they traveled to and from the Philippines. It does receive a lot of rainfall because of tropical cyclones. Both Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo are major tourist destinations for travelers from North America.

The other airline to fly nonstop from San Diego is Alaska Airlines.

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