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New Orleans hosts tonight’s NFL season opener


Tonight the Superbowl champion New Orleans Saints will face off against the Minnesota Vikings in the much anticipated NFL season opener. Now while millions around the United States will be glued to their TVs enjoying what is expected to be a great game, it is the city in which the game will be hosted that is just as newsworthy.


That’s because tonight’s NFC championship game rematch is taking place in New Orleans. It has been five years since Hurricane Katrina destroyed much of the Crescent City, and while NOLA has been rebuilding since that tragic event, it is still not yet back to normal for many residents.


But when an NFL game is played at the Superdome, that equates to big money for the city’s tourism industry and local businesses.


While each game of the season that is played in New Orleans is a financial shot in the arm, tonight’s event comes days after the unofficial end of summer, which is considered the start of the “slow season” for many cities.


People from around the country will be coming to New Orleans not just for one three hour game. Many arrive days earlier and stay a few days after, which is great for hotels, restaurants, nightlife and local attractions.


It also helps that New Orleans’ team is the defending Superbowl champions, which just makes checking out a game in NOLA that much more special to die hard pigskin fanatics.


While the exact economic impact is uncertain, there is no doubt that tonight’s game and the other seven games hosted in New Orleans will generate millions of dollars for a city that needs it probably more than any other major U.S. city today.


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  1. Diana Nguyen

    I probably won’t be watching tonight’s game (I don’t follow sports, sadly), but I wanted to give mad props to this article. I will always be a supporter of tourism to New Orleans!!!!


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