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Newark and La Guardia Set For Improvements,flickr; j76a8p9f

Newark Gets a Revamp

Visitors catching flights to New York will be pleased to hear that Port Authority is aiming to improve both Newark Liberty and LaGuardia airports.


Patrick Foye, Executive Director of Port Authority, the agency that manages both airports, described the Central Terminal as in need of improvement. “It’s got a quaint, nostalgic but unacceptable kind of 1940s, 1950s feel that just not acceptable.”


He further added that $350 million is the suggested sum needed for the revitalization of Newark Airport’s lack-lustre Terminal B.


Delta Air Lines are working with Port Authority to renovate the airline’s hub at JFK Terminal 4, and later this year Port Authority plans to ask contractors for proposals for a brand new Newark Terminal A.


Over 50 million tourists visited New York in 2011 and with figures set to rise as NYC becomes one of the world’s most frequented city, these announcement should please both business and leisure passengers catching flights to New York.


SourceYahoo/Associated Press

Photo: j76a8p9f

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