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"New York City," CC Flickr photo credit: Aurelien Guichard
Be a back-seat shopper in New York City


We’ve all thumbed through SkyMall once or twice but have you ever heard of shopping from the back seat of a taxi? Every shopaholic’s dream is about to become a reality in New York City.


The Big Apple will take mobile shopping to the next level during Fashion Week with the launch of a pilot program that will let cab-riders purchase luxury fashion products with a simple swipe of their smartphone.


The five-day trial run will take place in 50 taxis serving areas central to the Fashion Week festivities (think Lincoln Center and the Meatpacking District).


New York’s semi-annual Fashion Week will kick off on Thursday and run through February 16. Passengers who participate in the pilot program will receive a free ride in return.


Source: CBS New York

CC Flickr photo credit: Aurelien Guichard


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