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Lightsaber revelers in Washington Square Park


On Saturday, September 24, New York City’s Washington Square Park will play host to a gigantic “lightsaber battle,” organized by the folks at Newmindspace. The fun-loving group has planned dozens of quirky events throughout New York City in the past, including the increasingly-popular Union Square Pillow Fights.


This will be the sixth Star Wars-style throwdown organized by the group, and the third to take place in New York. Event planners, who are hoping it will be the biggest yet, say they expect over 1,000 people to participate.


The event will be free and people are encouraged to BYOLS (Bring Your Own Lightsaber) though 500 will be made available for a modest $5 fee.


A little nervous about hundreds of strangers wielding plastic weapons? So were we. But the group has posted a few guidelines on the event’s Facebook page to ensure that no one gets hurt:


“ Swing lightly, as there will be many people swinging at once Don’t hit people in the face. This should be pretty obvious. Goggles are stylish and a good way to protect your eyes! When in doubt, tap out.”


There you have it. An event like this goes to show that you should be ready for anything when booking flights to New York City. May the force be with you.


Source: Village Voice

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