New York City bar to use stock market methods with customers


While I am never one to put a price on a good pint of Guinness, a new bar in New York City will start doing so.


The Exchange Bar and Grill will actually set their prices similar to the stock exchange. So that beer you paid $6 for a few minutes ago might be as little as $4 or as much as $8 on the next round.


Reuters reports that “if one drink is in heavy demand, its price will rise, causing the cost
of other equivalent drinks to drop. A rush on a particular beer would
increase its price, and cause other beers to drop.”


But the pricing game is not just for booze as your pub grub will also fluctuate .25 cent incriminates with it capping out at $2 in both directions.


Located in the Gramercy Park section of New York City, I will definitely be visiting this establishment when it opens on April 1…for journalist reasons of course.



Source: Reuters

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