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"Katrina Killed the Coaster," CC Flickr photo credit: Keoni Cabral
An abandoned roller coaster at Six Flags New Orleans


It’s been more than six years since families arriving on flights to New Orleans passed through the gates at Six Flags. Heavily damaged and partially submerged during Hurricane Katrina, Six Flags New Orleans has been abandoned for the better part of the past decade.


Now, as New Orleans finally regains its footing, city officials are weighing eight options for revitalizing the defunct theme park. The eight proposals currently on the table include everything from an electric power plant to a new “green” amusement park.


This is the most progress made since plans to build a Nickelodeon-themed park on the site fell through in 2009. Still, nothing is expected to happen overnight.


A committee will look at each proposal’s financial impact before making any new decisions.



CC Flickr photo credit: Keoni Cabral

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