Five years after Katrina, New Orleans rebounds


Five years ago, Hurricane Katrina destroyed New Orleans, forcing its tourism industry to die, period. However, these days, New Orleans is slowly beginning to see an increase in visitors, as it slowly approaches pre-Katrina tourist levels.


In 2004, the year before the devastating hurricane struck, New Orleans saw a record of 10.1 million visitors. In 2006, one year after the floods, the numbers shrank to 3.7 million. Last year the number had increased to 7.9 million and the average number of annual visitors, discounting 2004 is about 8.5 million.


According to Tod Chambers, GM of the French Quarter’s Roosevelt New Orleans hotel, “[People] still have the crazy perception [New Orleans] is still flooded. However, after the storm, the 504-room Roosevelt went through a $170 million renovation.


It reopened July 1st of last year. With numerous renovations such as these, New Orleans is becoming the vivacious place to visit it once was, with a plethora of delicious food spots, an incredible music scene, and so much more for travelers to experience.


Source: Daily Finance

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