With Asbury Park's boardwalk, topless ladies would easily be spotted by families


At one time, Asbury Park was among the top seaside resorts on the East Coast. Today Asbury Park continues to bring in vacationers and sunbathers. Now Asbury Park is considering a change that could spice things up in the summer: It’s considering allowing women to go topless on a city beach.


Unlike other private nude beaches in New Jersey, this one is not so discreet. With the boardwalk offering an excellent view of the beach, some parents may not be so keen on the sights below.


The city council is contemplating a request from Reggie Flimlin, a woman living in Asbury Park who owns a yoga studio. Ms. Flimlin has requested to allow women to decide for themselves whether they want to wear bikini tops on the beach.


She claims it’s already happening on less populated beaches in the city’s north end. Being that Asbury Park already has a thriving gay and lesbian community and is widely diverse in ethnicities and racial population, Flimlin feels this would only further its progressive attitude and acceptance.


While others in the community feel the nudity would put off families from coming to the beach, Flimlin feels it would make it more of a desirable destination.  The city council will give the matter further consideration July 7th.


Source:Associated Press

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  1. Malcolm Boura

    I hope that those concerned about families will look at the facts and not prejudice. It is not coincidence that teenagers in the USA are about ten times more likely to become pregnant than teenagers in less prudish countries such as Denmark. Attitudes have consequences.

    Sexually active younger, more promiscuous, less likely to use contraception or condom. The result? Several times more likely to have an abortion, about ten times more likely to become pregnant, tens of times more likely to catch something. Is prudery really worth the life of even on young person?


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