Air traffic controllers are making numerous errors


Worried by a wave of near-collisions involving airliners, the government is trying to figure out why air traffic controllers and pilots are committing a numerous amount of dangerous errors.


Recently, there have been at least 6 incidents in which airliners came close to hitting other planes or helicopters. Incidents took place in Chicago, Houston, San Francisco, Burbank, California, and Anchorage, Alaska.


In certain cases, pilots were forced to make last minute changes in direction after cockpit alarms went off warning of a looming crash.


In response to these warning signs, FAA is conveying a summit of employees and management, as well as other safety experts in Washington on the 17th of August.


Officials are asking every air traffic controller, as well as others involved in air traffic operations, to inform them before the meeting what the biggest safety problems are.


Source: Associated Press

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