Naughty or Nice? Two Vegas Shows to Check Out This Summer, Flickr: dph1110

Donny & Marie Anyone?


Las Vegas and entertainment go hand-in-hand. From the headliners to the small free shows, there is always something to check out. With so many options, it is easy to get bogged down in the tough decision as to which show to actually check out after arriving to town off a Las Vegas flight.

Without a doubt, there are shows for everyone. But, this summer, why not make it a study in opposites? Two shows in town do the same thing extremely well: entertain. However, they do it very differently.

Over at Caesars Palace, “Absinthe” brings together a world where raunchy humor, sexual innuendo and near-nudity rule. Then, they mix it with some seriously talented performers who are able to balance bodies on their heads, dizzy it up in death-defying roller skating stunts, dance on the high wire and more. The Gazillionaire, the man behind the show, and his unicorn-loving assistant, guide the audience through the performances. Take note: this show has become the darling of Las Vegas, but it isn’t for the faint of heart, or those under 18.

On the complete opposite end of the spectrum is “Donny Marie.” Located in the showroom at Flamingo, this intimate theater gives guests a chance to get more personal with the famous sibling duo. With witty banter, family-friendly singing and dancing and a stroll down memory lane highlighting the best moments in both Donny and Marie Osmond’s careers, the show is fun, light-hearted and leaves the audience walking back into the casino with smiles on their faces. Donny and Marie do their best to engage the audience, including some dancing on tables and invites onto stage.

Want to combine both in one night? Hit the early show of “Donny Marie,” then head across the street to the large tent to check out the late show of “Absinthe.”


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photo: dph1110

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