Who would have thought that you could experience the wonder and tragedy of the Titanic in Orlando? It seems that alongside Disney World and Universal’s massive theme parks and tourist attractions there’s also an immersive permanent exhibition showcasing the history, mystery, and lesser-known facts behind the famous Titanic passenger ship and its 1912 sinking.

After you book cheap car rentals in Orlando, step outside the fantasy and make-believe world of theme park tourism to drive your family to Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition where you can walk through full-scale replications of sections of the ship including the Grand Staircase, a first-class cabin, boiler room, promenade deck, a café, and more. The details in these recreations are incredible, including the ocean scent and cool night air on the deck.

You can even take guided tours led by period-dressed actors giving the perspectives of passengers onboard the ship. You can learn first-hand about the ships’ history from socialites like Molly Brown or dine with such prominent figures such as Captain Smith at a fancy gala dinner.

Looking to learn a bit more? Head on below to see how deep you can experience the Titanic in Orlando, Florida.

General Admission Experience of the Titanic: Artifact Exhibition

Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition in Orlando, Florida, has several admission categories. Visitors aged 12 and older pay $21.95. Seniors and military personnel get in for $19.75, children for $15.75, and Florida residents pay $16.95. Upon entering, you’re given a replica boarding pass, and crossing the threshold feels like stepping into the past. Immediately, you assume the role of a passenger aboard the RMS Titanic — in all its gilded 1912 glory.

Featuring several different galleries, the museum houses over 200 artifacts recovered from the wreckage including “Little Big Piece,” a massive three-ton section of the actual ship. You can also explore all of the full-scale room recreations, clothes, furnishings, jewels, and cookware. You can even take a picture on the iconic Titanic staircase with the cherub statue.

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The Titanic: Artifact Exhibition’s Guided Tours

To get the most out of the Titanic Artifact Exhibition in Orlando, opt for one of several guided tours, including:

  • Ship of Dreams Guided Tour: Run twice daily — at 11:30 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. — every Monday through Friday, the Ship of Dreams tour guides visitors through a journey that explores the Titanic’s technology and accommodations. Colorful stories about the crew and passengers personalize the amazing achievements of the ship’s construction and legacy.
  • Titanic Adventure for Kids Guided Tour!: Every Saturday and Sunday at 11:30 a.m., the Titanic exhibition turns into the scene of an intense scavenger hunt. A big hit with kids, participants learn all about the ship and the sea while having a good time! And yes, adults are welcome to participate, although it is geared toward children.
  • Heroes of Titanic Guided Tour: Tragedies frequently make heroes, and many emerged on that fateful April day when the “indestructible ship” met its match in the form of an iceberg. Learn about these admirable crew members and passengers, who gave their lives to save others, every Saturday and Sunday at 2 p.m.
  • Tales from Titanic Guided Tour: Every October and November, in keeping with the spirit of Halloween, the Titanic exhibition adds a fourth guided tour option: Tales from Titanic. Costumed actors share stories about myths, legends, and ghosts associated with the ship.

Tour prices range between $26.95 for adults and $20.75 for children. Military and senior discounts are also available. Guided tours are offered on a regular basis and guests should arrive 30 minutes beforehand to take part in a tour.

The Dinner Gala Experience of the Titanic: Artifact Exhibition

Have you ever daydreamed of being a guest at a fancy, old-fashioned dinner with footmen? If yes, then the Titanic First-Class Dinner Gala is right up your alley! Join the “Unsinkable” Molly Brown and Captain John Smith for a glamorous evening of good food and interactive entertainment, and you’ll feel the true experience of the Titanic in Orlando! The three-hour event kicks off with a cocktail party and includes a tour, reenactments, and a four-course meal. Like the passengers on the fateful voyage, guests enjoy salad, soup, chicken, sirloin, and vegetables. Please be aware that children are welcome at the Gala, but they must behave, or you may be asked to leave.

Have you ever visited the Titanic Experience in Orlando? Tell us all about it in the comments below!

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