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Guava Goodness!


The Caribbean can be a wonderful place to shop for exotic fruit, from the soursop variety to plantains. Jamaicans really pride themselves on growing fresh fruits and veggies and with varieties you can’t get in too many other places. Here are some fruits to shop for in Montego Bay.


The Soursop is native to the Caribbean, and is of the same family as the pawpaw tree. It grows very well in humid climates and is used by many Caribbean countries in smoothies and desserts. In some Asian countries, it’s called the thorny custard apple. The flavor of the soursop has been described as blend of pineapple with citrus flavors and makes an excellent creamy base for smoothies, ice creams and Asian style desserts.

Otaheite Apple

Also called the Malay apple, this is an oblong-shaped fruit with a dark red skin that is similar to that of the pomegranate. It’s used primarily for medicinal reasons, for diabetes and constipation remedies.

Avocado Pear

This is a glossy green fruit whose flesh is a deep green color very near the skin and the seed is large and yellow (as with all avocadoes, you cannot eat the seed). Most of the fleshy fruit when harvested becomes buttery and creamy and is used for side dishes and dips.


Jamaica may not be known for its chocolate, but it is certainly home to some fine cocoa plants. The cocoa plant has small white flowers that bloom when mature.


A popular Caribbean fruit which looks small and pale green or greenish red (depending on the ripeness level), the guava has an edible fleshy center with tiny seeds (also edible). These are great thirst quenchers and contain a lot of vitamin C and iron.

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