Snow is making many airlines like JetBlue provide waivers to customers


I am starting to feel like a broken record here, but the East Coast is bracing for yet another snowstorm Thursday and Friday. If you’re keeping track at home, this would mark the third storm in just a little over two weeks.


So as we have mentioned before on the blog, airlines are playing it safe and providing passengers with plans over the next few days with travel waivers.


Here’s the latest:


AirTran Airways stated Wednesday that customers attempting to fly Thursday or Friday to certain cities would be entitled to a travel waiver with some limitations. Airports included on Airtrain’s list include New York’s Buffalo, LaGuardia, Rochester and White Plains, Pennsylvania’s Allentown, Harrisburg and Philadelphia, Portland, Maine; and Washington DC’s Reagan, Dulles and Baltimore airport.


Delta is allowing customers flying into and out of their Atlanta hub to change their plans without suffering a fee if changed by Thursday.


JetBlue announced it would let customers flying into and out of their New York area airports to change their flight if it was scheduled for Thursday or Friday without any penalties. Customers have until Sunday to rebook their flights.


Continental Airlines stated that customers using Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey and other area airports through Friday will be allowed to change their flight without suffering from change fees.


US Airways is letting passengers change as well without any penalties or fees through Friday for several Northeastern cities. The airline will allow customers to switch their itinerary up to seven days before or after their original travel dates.


As always call ahead before going to your area airport to make sure your flight is on time, delayed or possibly canceled.


Source: Associated Press

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