US Airways upgrading fleet


US Airways adding first class on more flights


If you like flying first class, but this class of service wasn’t available to you on a regional jet, then US Airways is making amends. As we reported last week, beginning in the Fall, US Airways will be introducing first class service to 110 jets. Here’s the latest:


The upgrade will allow for 37 inches of legroom on Embraer-175, Embraer-170 and Canadair Regional Jet-700 aircraft while passengers on the Canadair-900 fleet will get an extra inch of legroom at 38 inches.


When the four regional jet fleets are modified with first class by January 2012, US Airways claims 61% of its daily flights will offer first class service — the highest percentage of any U.S. network carrier.


Travelers will be able to begin booking the regional first class service online for future travel on select flights beginning in October 2011, the airline says. US Airways is publicizing the timetables for implementation of first class on the four regional fleets, with dates ranging from November 2011 to January 2012.


And travelers can view the status of these implementations here in these online graphical “progress reports.”


In addition to the extra legroom, travelers opting for first class on these regional jets will be entitled to priority check-in, priority security lanes where available, early boarding, larger seats and priority baggage handling, the airline says.

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