Airport wi-fi is becoming more and more common at airports.

Wi-Fi is becoming a much needed amenity at airports



Any tech-savvy traveler will tell you that the one thing they all love (and in some cases need) is wi-fi access when they are waiting at the airport.


Over the past few years pretty much every hub has added internet availability to customers on the go, with a majority of them charging for the luxury.


But with technology needs more desired than ever before, many airports are now going the way of free wi-fi for everybody. 


From smaller and less used airports like Colorado Springs and Long Beach, Ca. to international airports like Denver, Orlando and San Francisco, more and more airports are realizing just how important being plugged into the internet is to passengers. 


It really comes down to today's traveler just expecting the service to be there when they arrive for their departure. Airports like Seattle, which is a well known tech-friendly city, claim it has been their most popular service request over the last few years.


As someone that travels often and uses the internet (via my iPhone or laptop), I believe that in the year 2010 absolutely no airport should be charging for internet access. This is the same belief that I hold when it comes to hotels in the 21st century.


I will never book a room at a hotel that charges for use of their internet. There are just too many places to stay at when traveling that include it in their rate to rationalize forking over extra cash to surf the net while away. 


What do you feel about the idea of all airports (and hotels for that matter) offering free wi-fi to customers?


Do you think at this point it is just something that should be available to the public? Or do you think that while free wi-fi is nice, we are way too dependant on being hooked up to the internet at all times.


Let us know how you feel on this hot button travel topic.


Source: USA Today's Harriet Baskas

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