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Many of Europe's largest airlines will not be landing in Tripoli


The number of airlines suspending service to Libya continues to grow as the country delves further into chaos.


As of Thursday, many of Europe’s and the Middle East's largest carriers including Lufthansa, Emirates, Qatar Airways, and British Airways have all suspended operations in the country.


While opposition groups have seized control of many cities in the east, embattled president Muammar Qaddafi has promised to fight to the death. Reports of soldiers firing on civilians continue to stream in.


Many nations, including the United States, are scrambling to evacuate citizens by land and sea, ferrying rescue vessels across the Mediterranean.


As the country faces an uncertain future, airlines are varying the lengths of service disruption.


Lufthansa and British Airways have canceled all flights until next week, while Emirates won’t fly in Libya until at least March 26. Qatar Airways simply announced an indefinite suspension of service. 


Source: Businessweek

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