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The urge to travel strikes at strange times. I’ve had it while riding shotgun on a long drive, when walking home from work and first thing in the morning. So, what are you supposed to do? Wait until you get to a computer? No way! More and more of us are reaching for our smartphones, and you’re one of us if you’ve downloaded the CheapOair app.
The infographic above tells the whole story. Already, 20 percent of mobile users in the United States are booking travel on their phones, and 42 percent are using their iPhones and Androids to research travel options. A third of travelers use travel blogs for research (welcome to the club!), and 70 percent read travel reviews – so, the next time you travel, please come back to tell us about your experiences!
How can you use your smartphone to get ready for your next vacation? In addition to checking out routes and booking your cheap tickets with us, you can also check out our blog posts about the different hot destinations available to you. And, it’s worth heading over to Twitter for everything from conversations with locals to special deals.
The possibilities are endless, as you’ll see form the infographic above.
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Source: Design You Trust

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