When the great Millennial migration began, people flipped. With the onslaught of young twentysomethings parading into trendy cities like San Francisco, Portland, Denver, and Seattle, people wondered what people often wonder in times like those: Where can I go to get that experience for less? While those aforementioned cities still receive a fair amount of love from the Millennial crowd, a recent survey by Realtor.com took a look at which cost-effective alternative cities youngsters were flocking to, and subsequently, changing (for the hipper). Find out where people are moving to in droves with our shortlist of alternative Millennial cities!

San Francisco? Nah, Austin


If you’re looking to get into the tech world without dealing with Silicon Valley and its tremendous housing prices, hop down to Austin! The city has become a hot spot for those looking to get involved with tech firms and innovative start-ups, but, of course, that’s not all Austin has to offer. With a unique spread of food options, a music scene to rival all others and an inarguably laid-back vibe, it’s no wonder that Austin has become a techie hipster’s alternative choice to San Francisco.

Denver? Nah, Memphis


So you’re into groovy music, outdoor adventures and awesome beer options — you should move to Denver, right? Only if you want to blow your savings on all of the above activities. If you’re looking for Denver vibes on a smaller budget, you should definitely consider Memphis as a top contender. With a low cost of living coupled with a median income higher than the national average, heading to this music mecca is a no-brainer. Hearty Southern food, history written throughout the city, amazing music in every venue and a quick drive to some of the country’s best climbing areas and hiking trails… Memphis is certainly the new place to be!

Portland? Nah, Pittsburgh


Don’t believe us? Just ask the thousands of Millennials who have started moving here in droves. Likened by many to Portland for its low housing costs, great public transportation, good career opportunities and its revitalized waterfront aesthetics, Pittsburgh is quickly making a case for itself as a place to be for Millennials looking for an East Coast version of the famed Oregon city. Another Oregonian perk? No sales tax here — so you can frequent all the new cafes, shops and restaurants here without that pesky add-on. Throw in the city’s network of museums, sports, and traditional eats, and you’ll find you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what Pittsburgh has to offer.

Los Angeles? Nah, Atlanta


If you’re looking for a sophisticated city vibe, a film-driven heartbeat, delicious food and an electric nightlife scene, you’d have probably been told to head to Los Angeles just a couple of years ago. Not the case anymore! With Atlanta’s affordable housing market and its wealth of employment opportunities, Millennials are starting to head to the southeast to get their cosmopolitan fix. Add in progressive ideals, eclectic dining options, vibrant hip-hop nightlife energy and Atlanta’s new position in the minds of Millennials make a whole lot of sense.

Chicago? Nah, Dallas


If you’re looking for world-class museums, a wealth of upscale shopping venues and a place where you can be both a city mouse and a country mouse, then Chicago is the place to be. Unless you want to save some dough for the excellent food and music scene, you should make a beeline for the Texan city of Dallas-Fort Worth. For Millennials who like a taste of the high life and the artsy life in equal measure, this is the new place to be. With a relatively low cost of living plus a hearty job growth rate, it’s no surprise cash-strapped Millennials are checking out Dallas-Fort Worth. And while you can find plenty of Texas stereotypes (think football fanatics, mouth-watering Tex-Mex dishes, big hair), both cities also have a really rich offering of arts and culture and are near to some weekend escapes for the outdoor adventurer.

Are there any other cities that get overlooked by their pricier brethren? Share your recommendations in the comments section!

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