Burger King beer ad in Venezuela (Flickr: James Cridland)


Burger King to introduce booze to their U.S. menus


Would you like fries…and a beer with that?


That might be what you will be asked when you visit the all new Burger King Whopper Bar in Miami's South Beach, which is set to open in February.


To go along with the wild Miami atmosphere, the fast food pub will be open 24-hours a day, seven days a week and will offer guests Budweiser, Miller Lite or Bud Light lime aluminum bottles for $4.25 a pop and of course Whopper sandwiches.


The Whopper Bar concept first debuted in March 2008, with the first bar opening a year later at Florida's Universal Orlando Resort.


BK also has Whopper Bars in such foreign locales as Munich, Singapore and Venezuela.


The fast food franchise plans to open more burger bars in cities like Las Vegas, New York and Los Angeles.


Burger King fully expects their competition to follow their lead and introduce alcohol to their menus. Could we see a possible McGuinness in 2010? Stay tuned.  


Source: CNN

Flickr: James Cridland



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  1. James Cridland

    Probably worthwhile mentioning (hey, thanks for the photo use by the way) that alcohol is on sale in most European countries in places like Burger King, McDonald’s, Quick, and other fast food establishments. Similarly, most pubs in the UK are also, um, fast food establishments, serving burgers along with their pints. The photograph that accompanies this article was taken in Gibraltar, incidentally, in case anyone wonders.


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