United Airlines ends merger talks with US Airways

US Airways and United end merger talks


In what has turned into a soap opera in the sky, USA Today is reporting that after finding out United Airlines was more interested in a partnership with Continental Airlines, US Airways has pulled out of merger talks.


CEO of US Airways Doug Parker stated, "After an extensive review and careful consideration, our board of
directors has decided to discontinue those discussions (with United)." It was the first time that either airline had mentioned publicly that they were in talks to merge.


Apparently a source close to both sides said US Airways was angry at United for how they were stringing them along while also talking to Continental.


United and US Airways considered merging three times in the last 10 years, but various obstacles like the 9/11 attacks and a downturn in the economy hurt the talks.


Continental and United also came close to merging in 2008, but Continental later decided to stay independent at the last minute.


Source: USA Today

Image: Wikimedia



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